Yuvashakti Model School – Fostering Holistic Development of the Young Minds

Yuvashakti Model School - Fostering Holistic Development of the Young Minds

Yuvashakti Model School – Fostering Holistic Development of the Young Minds


The past decade has witnessed a considerable expansion in the knowledge of childhood development. Several studies have been performed to analyze the development of the young minds during the childhood phase. No wonder, a change in the conventional teaching methodologies was inevitable. After all, in this ever-changing and highly competitive world of today, it is vital that education serves a greater purpose than merely helping students pass from one grade to another. The need of the times is to groom children into well-rounded individuals by understanding their unique skills and abilities and paying due to attention to their social, physical, and emotional development.

At Yuvashakti Model School, positioned among the Top Schools in North West Delhi, this is exactly what we strive to deliver through our modern teaching methodologies, interactive teaching approach, and multi-avenue growth prospects that we extend to our students. For over three decades, we, at Yuvashakti, have been committed to delivering such a learning experience to the young buds that enrich their minds, taps into their talents, and shapes their social and moral values in a way that ensures their all-encompassed growth. With that being said, let’s take a closer look today at the varied approaches undertaken by us in fostering the holistic development of our young fledglings.

Providing equal emphasis on the curriculum and the co-curricular

We have always believed that solely restricting the process of learning to the curriculum is like putting boundaries to the potential of those free-flying minds. And, this is something we would never want to do. Thus, along with smart classes supported with audio-visual aids and an enriched library for the academic growth of our pupils, we also pay equal emphasis on having a multitude of co-curricular activities for the children to learn and find their penchant for.

Making learning focused through optimum teacher-student ratio

At Yuvashakti, we have always believed that one of the best steps to ensure holistic development of children is to pay individualized attention to their progress, their difficulties, and certainly, their inherent skills. Maintaining a low student to teacher ratio has thus always been of significance to us as it makes our experienced educators more effective in their position.

Instilling the important values of ethics, culture, and morality

In the famous words of the 26th US President, Theodore Roosevelt, “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” We believe only when learning is based on the values of ethics, culture, and morality, the inner disciple can rise to bring a true awakening that leads to an all-inclusive development of each learner.

Taking children beyond the bounds of the classrooms

The scope of education gets limited only to rote learning of theories and concepts if we don’t attempt to merge the ideas from the books with their applications in the real world, and thus, ensure that knowledge is effectively imbibed. It is because of this reason that we, at Yuvashakti Model School, a renowned CBSE school in Rohini, Delhi, regularly organize trips and excursions to museums, science centers, and industries where our students get to gain a closer look to the practical uses and application of the concepts they learn in class.

N.C.C. training to prepare the students for a lifetime of discipline

Our main object in having N.C.C. training in our institution is to give our students the opportunity to experience the military life, with all the emphasis it provides on physical strength, self-discipline, and mental agility. Junior Division Wing Troop No. 89 has been sanctioned by the Ministry of Defense to our institution, and under its careful supervision and training, our children are every day inching closer to their holistic development in the truest sense of the term.

We, at Yuvashakti, have always believed that the aim of education is to encourage the ability of the young talents to think freely and to make room for their self-development and creativity. Only when the learning approach is truly holistic, knowledge is truly internalized, and enlightenment is attained. And the ability to ensure that for our young budding geniuses is where we believe our true success lies.

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