How to Boost Your Child’s IQ

How to Boost Your Child’s IQ

How to Boost Your Child’s IQ


IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is one of the most commonly used terms we hear when it comes to denoting intelligence. However, even though most people know the expanded form of the acronym, very few actually understand the importance or implications of having a high IQ. Our IQ is a measure of our intellectual abilities and potential, and it reflects the limits of our cognitive skills like problem-solving, logic, and reasoning. You must have heard how an individual’s IQ is something that he/she is born with, but reports have suggested time and again that it is possible to expand the limits of the inherent IQ.

We have noticed that popular beliefs about boosting a child’s IQ center around getting them to do hundreds of IQ assessments or questions and looking for ways to improve their memory. However, the ways to increase your children’s intelligence goes way beyond these widely believed methods. Keeping that in mind, we, at Yuvashakti Model School, positioned among the Top 5 Schools in Rohini, Delhi, have brought to you today some of the effective ways you can try to boost the intelligence quotient of your children.

Get them involved in playing musical instruments

The association between intelligence and music lessons have been revisited by multiple research papers. Learning to play musical instruments is an activity that has direct bearings on boosting the IQ levels of the children. It directly impacts the spatial reasoning and mathematical skills of the young ones. So, encourage children to take up music lessons and motivate them to follow it through.

Math and physical exercises improve fluid intelligence

Fluid intelligence refers to thinking abstractly, reasoning and identifying patterns, solving problems, and discerning relationships without the use of prior knowledge. Fluid intelligence can be improved by early exposure to systematic math problems. Even using concrete examples for showing the relation between objects helps, for instance, the use of actual triangular and rectangular objects in the house to show the difference between the two shapes.

Teach them deep breathing exercises to practice every day

Did you ever notice how deep breathing exercises form an important aspect of yoga poses? In fact, deep breathing has been a revered brain hack since the ancient ages. It helps in bringing greater clarity of thoughts by releasing anxiety and stress and thereby helps to improve the power to focus. So, our advice would be to introduce children to yoga and other deep breathing exercises from a young age.

Introduce them to brain games that excite and engage the mind

We understand how it sometimes feels so difficult to pry children away from those digital screens, and as such, our advice to encourage them to play video games might just sound counter intuitive to you. However, we believe the key here is to make sure that children are only encouraged to play games that focus on improving their brain functions. You will find many such brain exercises available in the app stores that children can both learn and enjoy.

Pay attention and make changes to their daily diet

Finally, paying attention and making necessary changes to their daily diet also plays a critical role in boosting your children’s intelligence. People usually think of fish oil and the other sources of Omega-3 as the things that older adults take to ward off cardiovascular diseases. However, not many know that Omega-3 also improves brain functions in children, and hence needs to be included in their meals. You can also include things like spinach, broccoli, fish, and walnuts in their regular diet.

We, at Yuvashakti Model School, regarded as the Best School in North West Delhi, believe that intelligence quotient and cognitive abilities can be remarkably improved in kids, provided the efforts in that direction are consistent from an early stage. With dedicated efforts from your side and our constant motivation, we will surely be able to bring positive changes to existing mental capacities of our young geniuses.

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