House Activities


An Inter House Hindi and English Poem Recitation Competition for senior wing was held on 15th July 2017 with extreme enthusiasm and precision at Yuvashakti Model School, Sector-3, Rohini Delhi-85. The competition was held in open auditorium in the presence of honourable Principal Mr. Harinder Kumar, Headmaster Mr. Lalit Vikram Sheetal and the scintillating teachers with Ms. Madhu Bala Rastogi and Ms. Shikha Mehra as worthy jury who made this day worthwhile. Two participants were there for each Poem Recitation Competition from each house i.e. Nalanda, Taxila and Shantiniketan. Everyone did their level best in making the day a memorable one with their synchronized voices caressing the words of their equally worthy poems. The Position Holders –

Hindi Poem Recitation English poem recitation
1.      Varun – Nalanda House 1.       Vibha – Taxila House
2.      Etisha – Taxila House 2.      Vani – Shantiniketan House
3.      Anurag – Shantiniketan House 3.      Samridhi – Taxila House


An Inter-House Poem Recitation Competition was held at school’s auditorium on 15th July 2017, Saturday for the middle wing of Yuvashakti Model School, Sector-3, Rohini, Delhi. The recitation was in Hindi as well as English. Each house was represented by 4 students; 2 for Hindi recitation and 2 for English recitation. They were judged by the esteemed heads of the respective departments:- Mr. V.B. Shastri (Hindi) and Ms. Rajshree Singh (English) Every participant expressed their poem with great zeal and zest. It was enhanced by use of proper expressions and appropriate props. Although the competition was cut throat, the following were declared as winners. English

  1. Charvi            VIII-A          Satluj House       and       Bhavika          VII-C           Ganga House
  2. Roopal           VIII-C         Yamuna House
  3. Sanya             VIII-B         Ganga House


  1. Sakshi             VII-C           Ganga House
  2. Prateek            VI-D           Yamuna House
  3. Dhruv Goyal    VIII-C          Ganga House


On the pleasant morning of 28th October 2017, Saturday the Middle wing of YMS, Sector-3, Rohini witnessed a yummilicious competition of Non-Fire cooking. The competition was held among 3 houses of the wing. Each house demonstrated their creative talent to prepare a sweet as well as a salty dish. Student of all the houses participated enthusiastically, preparing for the competition with full zeal and zest. The competition was graced by the presence of Principal Mr. Harinder Kumar and Headmaster, Mr. Lalit Vikram Sheetal. Ms. Meena Puri, Incharge Middle Wing and Ms. Rajlakshmi, discipline incharge continuously boosted the confidence of the participants. (It was judged by Mr. Ishwar Singh, Ms. Madhu Bala Rastogi and Ms. Madhu (special guest judge from YMS, Budh Vihar). After tasting the dishes of both the categories (i.e. sweet and salted) the winners were declared as under.

SWEET DISH    Position      House

                              1st            Yamuna House

                              2nd           Ganga House

                              3rd            Satluj House

SALTY DISH      Position      House

                              1st             Ganga House

                               2nd           Yamuna House


Yuvashakti Model School, Sector-3, Rohini organised a Solo Song Competition on 16th October 2017 where all the students were given a chance to showcase their talent and skills in the field of singing. Two students from each house participated in the competition and worked hard under the supervision and guidance of their respective house associates. The competition was graced by the presence of honourable Principal Mr. Harinder Kumar and In charge of Primary Wing Ms. Neena Bhardwaj. The students were appreciated and praised  for their performance which boosted their morale. The winners of this competition were acknowledged and awarded for their excellent performance. Their names are as follows:- 1st        Harshit           (Rose House) 2nd       Kavya              (Rose House) 3rd       Shourya          (Lily House) The programme ended with a group photograph of Principal Sir, In-charge Mam and all the participants.


An Inter House Solo Song Competition for senior wing of Yuvashakti Model School, Sector-3, Rohini was held on 28th October 2017 with extreme enthusiasm and precision. The competition was held in auditorium in the presence of honourable Principal Mr. Harinder Kumar, Headmaster Mr. Lalit Vikram Sheetal and the scintilating teachers with Ms. Shilpi and Mr. Himanshu as worthy jury who made the day worthwhile. The winners of the competition were:-

  1. Rahul (IX-E) of Nalanda House
  2. Lakshita (XI-C) of Taxila and Tisha (IX-D) of Nalanda House
  3. Parag (XI-E) of Shanti Niketan and Monalika (XI-F) of Taxila House


Yuvashakti Model School, Sector-3, Rohini, Delhi organised Van Mahotsav festival between 2nd July to 7th July 2018. The programme was initiated with the lighting of earthen lamp by our Honourable Principal MR. Harinder Kumar, Headmaster Mr. Lalit Vikram Sheetal, Middle Wing Incharge Ms. Meena Puri and primary wing Incharge  Ms. Neena Bhardwaj followed by Tulsi Vandana. During the week, students from different classes presented their ideas on Van Mahotsav under the guidance of Eco-Club Incharge Ms. Rama Babry and associates Ms. Rekha Rastogi, Ms. Radha Rani Pathak, Ms. Charu Kakkar and Ms. Sonia Chawla. On the closing ceremony, students preformed a play on the topic on ‘Importance of Trees’. Students were given participation certificate by our honourable Principal, Headmaster and Incharges to boost their moral. The programme concluded with the sapling plantation ceremony by Honourable Principal Mr. Harinder Kumar and Headmaster Mr. Lalit Vikram Sheetal.  

Inter House Guess Who? Competition

An Inter House Guess Who? Competition was held on 24th July 2018 for Primary Wing classes II and III. It aimed at building confidence and motivating students to enhance their knowledge. All the participants were highly appreciated by the Principal and the Incharge.

The winner of competition was :-

Rose House


Student’s Name










Rose House








A workshop was organised by the school for Primary Wing classes II & III on 25th July 2018. Winkles team came to school for the promotion of their cakes. The winkle’s cake were of different flavours. They were celebrating “Har Din Mother’s Day’. The team distributed chocolates cakes to all the students and teachers. The students were overjoyed to have delicious chocolate packs as gifts.

                                                            Primary Wing Exhibition

 On July 28th 2018 the students of classes II to V of Primary Wing displayed their innovative skills through holiday home work activities. Models of different kinds of houses, pocket dictionaries, wall hangings and other art and craft work. The exhibition was witnessed by Principal Sir Mr. Harinder Kumar and Primary Wing Incharge Ms. Neena Bhardwaj. All the parents appreciated the efforts of the students and wished them a grand success.

                                                               Primary Wing 31st July 2018

                                                                 Workshop by POGO

A workshop on “Active Kids Immuno Boosters” by POGO was organised on 31st July 2018 for the primary wing. It was conducted to make the students aware about their health fitness. The students were involved in some fun activities by the POGO team members. The students had a great time.

An Immuno booster chocolate and a Himalaya care toothpaste were distributed to students.

Students enjoyed such fun based workshop.