Yuvashakti Model School, Sector-3, Rohini organised a trip to fun town and Parle-G biscuit factory as well on July 29th 2017. The troop headed towards Fun Town at first. The refreshment was given to the students and the staff members in between the way. We reached there by 10.00 am. All the students were thrilled with excitement and enthusiasm as they enjoyed the rides. The special attractions of the day were the water rides and the rain dance where everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Afterwards, the meal refreshments were given to everyone. Then our troop headed towards the next destination i.e. Parle-G factory. At first, a short film was shown to the students to make their understanding more clear. It explained the procedures and methods of the manufacturing of Parle-G products. Then a glimpse of the entire factory, where the work was going on, was given to the students. All the students were amazed to see how all this works. Then the glad and contended yuvaities culminated their journey back to school. Everyone enjoyed the trip under the guidance and gracious presence of Ms. Neena Bhardwaj and carried back the memories to cherish for a long time to come.