Education in the Modern Digital World

Education in the Modern Digital World

Education in the Modern Digital World

In today’s world, where children in even primary sections understand how to use computers and tablets to get access to their assignments, it won’t be wrong to say that technology is already making its presence felt. As such, if we ignore the existence, importance, and the growing use of technology in education, it would put us, and inevitably our children, back by several years. With the digital technology influencing every aspect of our lives, it is only natural that learning in the modern world is no longer limited to hardcopies and exercise books.

We, at Yuvashakti Model School, positioned among the leading schools in North West Delhi, believe that technology has a prime role to play when it comes to expanding the boundaries of learning beyond the books. Education in the modern digital world is as much about libraries as it is about the e-books, and as much about the books as it about the digital study tools. So on that note, let us delve deeper today into why the transformation of education is necessary in the modern digital world and what initiatives we, at YMS, have taken in this direction.

Time to embrace the digital transformation

Children, being their usual selves, always remain curious to know more. But we will certainly have to agree on the fact that the avenues to satiate their curiosity beyond the books was limited even till a few years ago. This has seen a much-needed and remarkable change in the digital era.

E-learning technology has taken an immense leap forward in the past couple of years. As such, it is indeed the need of the hour for the educational institutions to gear up for the times and embrace the digital transition. We, at YMS, as an educational institute, are one among the leading schools in Delhi to have digitally equipped ourselves as well as our team to aid our young pupils in their quest for knowledge, and the outcome is evident in the growth and progress of our fledglings.

Besides, we believe the presence of educational institutions on social media has impacted the way students of every age group study and interact with other students and teachers. The varied methods of remote learning enabled by digital technology have also changed the way teachers receive, set, and mark students’ work. We, at YMS, are very well utilizing this facet of digital technology as well, and leave no stones unturned when it comes to connecting with our students on social media.

We believe that the digital world has enabled children to sharpen their knowledge and skills in a better manner. There are countless online study tools, like educational games, quizzes, and more to help the kids in studying and revising anything they want. All in all, with the boon of technology, education in the present world has become more accessible and holistic in approach.

Yuvashakti keeping up with the demands of the digital world

We, at YMS, regarded as the Best School in Rohini, Delhi, have always been a firm believer in the fact that technology has a significant role to play when the aim is to ease and facilitate learning for the young buds. To that end, we have ensured that our children are as much digitally-enabled as possible by our institution.

Our official website and social media pages get regular updates to keep children in the loop about all the latest news about our institution, along with offering them a way to connect with their fellow schoolmates. We also make sure to offer our children relevant information about the happenings in the world through our online presence, such that, they have the much-needed knowledge of the real world, as well. Furthermore, at Yuvashakti, we have a fully-equipped computer laboratory, with all the latest offerings of Edutech enabled in it, to ensure that our children get to adapt themselves more readily to the gifts of technology to education.

When our aim is to bring out the holistic development of our students, we cannot keep out the most important skill they need to thrive in the present world: The digital skill. And, to that end, we, at Yuvashakti Model School, are right here to offer children all the guidance, aid, and encouragement they need to make the best possible use of modern tech in their growth.

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