Art in Education: Yuvashakti Clubs Shaping & Refining the Innate Talents of the Budding Artists

Art in Education: Yuvashakti Clubs Shaping & Refining the Innate Talents of the Budding Artists

Art in Education: Yuvashakti Clubs Shaping & Refining the Innate Talents of the Budding Artists


Have you noticed your child as he bends over a sheet of paper trying to perfect his brushstrokes to complete the painting? Or, have you observed the expressions on the face of your little princess as she practices that mudra of her classical dance routine? The look that you have noticed on those young faces is one of absolute concentration and inherent joy, and what you have witnessed is the satisfaction of creating ‘art’.

At Yuvashakti Model School, ranked among the top schools in Rohini, Delhi, we have always believed that the role played by art in shaping young minds and furthering the cause of their holistic education is undeniable. After all, it presents children with an arena whose limits are bound only by their imagination and where creativity is truly celebrated. With that in mind, we have enriched our institution with a plethora of art clubs that not only encourage children to pursue their hidden talents but also hone their skills lest they want to carve a career path in this field. So, today, let’s take a look at the various art clubs at Yuvashakti and the contribution they have in the all-encompassed growth of our young artists.

Dance Club: To capture the untapped rhythm in those nimble feet

Anyone who has fallen in love with dancing will tell you that it is more than fitness and posture correction for them. It is a beautiful form of self-expression that promotes positive thinking and self-confidence in the young ones.

At Yuvashakti Dance Club, we take care to ensure that through our lessons in Indian Classical, Western, and Folk dance, our children can skillfully grow their concentration, focus, team spirit, and confidence. At our club, we maintain a healthy environment where the young dancers can learn and grow together with no place for criticism of any kind.

Music Club: Bringing out the beautiful vocals of the young songbirds

We believe that music plays a crucial role in enriching the young minds. This is why, at our Music Club, right from teaching our pupils the finer nuances of Indian classical music to imparting them the skills for playing instruments like Congo, harmonium, keyboard, drum, and Djembe, we, at Yuvashakti, ensure that our children gain a wholesome insight into the beautiful world of music. Our motto behind establishing the Music Club is to make sure that our children can practice their musical art in a welcoming and friendly environment that makes it a fun learning experience for them.

Drama Club: Giving the budding performers a larger perspective of life

Drama is a powerful tool in developing children’s emotional intelligence and soft skills, which can never be fully emphasized following the path of conventional education. Our Drama Club for the senior wing focuses on improving the communication skills, body language, and teamwork among our fledglings through the path of rehearsed as well as impromptu performances.

Our budding actors have already shown us their mettle in wonderfully executed pieces like Jhansi Ki Rani, Mimica, and Bib and Tucker, and we hope to see many more of such works from them in future. And, who knows? Maybe someday we will even get to see them on the big screen or in a major drama production!

Art Club: To unleash the hidden talents gifted to our young creative geniuses

The Yuvashakti Art Club has its focus on bringing the hidden talents and skills that our students are blessed with, to the forefront. We wholeheartedly encourage our children, who have an interest in art, or perhaps, wish to take it up as a profession in future, to join the Art Club that can truly mold their abilities in the best possible way.

Though there are several activities that can be chosen under this club, for this academic year, we have kept the focus on subjects like object drawing, calligraphy, landscape painting, colored compositions, and so on. We are sure we will be able to improve the critical appreciation and concentration of our students with our dedicated efforts through the Art Club

We believe that the pursuit of excellence in art forms is a lifetime endeavor. And our aim, at Yuvashakti Model School, one among the Top 10 Schools in Rohini, is to aid our children in taking the first steps in that direction. ‘Shiksha aur Sanskriti’ has always been the motto at our institution, and when we involve art in learning, we fulfill our goal of offering holistic education that is steeped in the knowledge and appreciation of our culture and heritage.

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