5 Reasons Why Children Must Engage in Yoga

5 Reasons Why Children Must Engage in Yoga

5 Reasons Why Children Must Engage in Yoga


“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita

Yoga is the ancient practice of integrating and assessing all the aspects of our true nature, spirit, mind, and body, to attain inner harmony. It is the wisdom of ages whose effectiveness had been realized by the ancient erudite mystics and proven by the modern-world scientists. And, when it comes to instilling the ideas of fitness and body awareness among our children, what can be better than introducing them to the principles of yoga.

At Yuvashakti Model School, yoga has always been given its due importance because of the role it plays in shaping the young bodies and minds. From enhancing their flexibility and core strength to improving their concentration and mental agility, we have seen the effects of yoga in our students in many ways. So today, in this article below, we have highlighted for you the top 5 reasons that make it extremely important for children to engage in yoga.

  1. Yoga enhances physical strength and flexibility

To start with, we would like to outline the greatest benefit of practicing yoga, and that is its role in improving physical strength and agility. Yoga helps children learn to use their muscles and body strength in new ways. The varied yogic positions help them understand the inherent capacities of their body and the importance of taking good care of it all through life. It is hence important to introduce children to yoga and its multiple gifts from a young age.

  1. Yoga helps develop greater abilities to focus and concentrate

Yoga is as much about strengthening the mental prowess, as it is about focusing on physical fitness. The act of practicing the poses helps children in clearing their mind and focusing on their efforts. It takes a lot of focus to stay balanced in a pose or to perfect a given position, and so, yoga helps immensely in improving concentration when practiced diligently.

  1. Yoga boosts confidence and self-esteem

We can only offer our children the guidance on yoga, but they need to put in the efforts to be able to successfully do it. A crucial aspect of yoga is to practice and persevere to reach perfection. So, when our students master the varied poses after their dedicated attempts, they get this innate burst of self-esteem and confidence, which is highly important for their realization of self-worth.

  1. Yoga aids in bringing down the levels of stress and anxiety

Just like adults, even children have their own shares of stress and pressure, and even they need ways to clear their minds and calm their inner self down at times. Yoga offers the perfect conduit to reduce their stress. It helps in releasing endorphins in the brain: the happy hormones that uplift mood and bring about greater mental clarity. The feelings of happiness and tranquil that are thereby created are instrumental in banishing worries and anxieties.

  1. Yoga refines balance, coordination, and motor skills

Balancing poses are one of the key elements of yoga, and they are intended to promote greater physical and mental poise. The mental clarity and physical efforts work in tandem when trying out the poses. Children instinctively understand that they need to stay calm to carry out and hold the poses. In the long run, such efforts aid in improving fine and gross motor coordination.

At Yuvashakti Model School, one among the Top Ten Schools in Rohini, Delhi, we firmly believe in the adage that a sound mind can only stay in a sound body. And the yoga lessons conducted at YMS aid in bringing that perfect harmony of body and mind for the young buds. It blends well with our holistic learning approach as it drives our children towards becoming better individuals, in the truest sense.

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