Yuvashakti Model School Rama Vihar Message

Combining academic and human excellence, I am very delighted to introduce the YMS family- a family dedicated to nurture a well-rounded understanding, a balanced sense of identity and pride. YMS is steadily broadening its horizons making learning experiential & more meaningful.



The major flaw in our educational system is “A lot is taught but little is learned or understood”. The underlying fear is that unless academic training of child starts early, the child cannot cope with the fast paced pedagogy and the competitive ethos of the later school years.




Education is greatly influenced by the tools of modern era. With the advancement of the latest technologies a drastic change has been noticed in the behaviour of the children. At this crucial juncture they need a right direction and right inspiration so that the youth power is properly channelized into innovative and constructive work.

Welcome to Yuvashakti Model School Rama Vihar

A school is a place where a certain quality of life and certain types of activities and occupations are provided with the object of securing the child’s development along with desirable lines.


Keeping this in mind founders of the school Late Sh. M.L. Sharma and Sh. B.R. Sharma planned to start a construction, equivalent to a happy home, a sacred shrine, a social center, a state of miniature and bewitching Brindavan, all beautifully blended together into a synthetic structure ‘Y.M.S.’



Late Shri M.L. Sharma was the founder of the school. He was born in  a religious Brahmin family on January 20th, 1934 at Kotputli in Rajasthan.

He dedicated his life to the service of mankind. He was a real epitome of wisdom, love, care and affection. He was a simple man endowed   with high moral values. He constructed a platform in the field of   education for the upliftment of children. He was a man whose heart always bubbled with love for children. He always remained ready to provide any kind of help to the needy.